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Standby vs Portable

Standby vs Portable Generator

Interested customers commonly ask whether they should get a standby or a portable generator. While the two types of generators have much in common, there are also some key differences.

Portable generators:

  • Are movable, which you are responsible for
  • Tend to be cheaper and produce low quality electricity that can damage electronics
  • Are noisier than standby
  • Produce less power than standby
  • Generally run on gasoline and may require large amounts, which must be obtained during power outages
  • Require a manual transfer switch to transfer power from your home’s main circuits to backup power
  • Need to be manually started up in the case of an outage
  • Will need a model-specific cover for protection during storms
  • Should never be used indoors, as this creates a major risk for carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Will need to be monitored closely to make sure they do not become overloaded

Standby generators:

  • Are permanently installed outside of your home with the help of an experienced electrician
  • Are sized correctly to power your home
  • Quieter than portable generators
  • Run on natural gas or propane, which comes in large quantities
  • Come with weatherproof housing
  • Start and stop AUTOMATICALLY when power outages occur
  • Produce high-quality electricity that is safe for electronics
  • Automatically test runs weekly to make sure it is ready when needed
  • Provides peace of mind during storms and uncontrollable events
  • I cannot stress enough it works AUTOMATICALLY which means it is a completely hands-off appliance!

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