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Standby Generators

Don’t be left in the dark!

Standby generators allow for safety and security in the home during power outages. There are many reasons to own a standby generator, including:

  • Security despite unpredictable weather
  • Ease of mind, knowing you won’t go without power for days or even weeks
  • No need to hassle with moving your family and important belongings to go stay somewhere else
  • Homes without power are more susceptible to problems with sump pumps, frozen or burst pipes, and warped hardwood flooring
  • You will not have to mess with replacing hundreds of dollars of food from your refrigerator and/or freezer
  • Family members who rely on critical medical devices can go without fear
  • Other critical systems, such as cooking appliances and emergency devices can function properly
  • Work from home, knowing you will always have power

Standby generators provide you with safety, comfort, and convenience in otherwise trying times. If you would like a high-quality and energy-efficient generator installed by a registered service dealer, call Daily Service Company today. Contact us by phone at 254.754.5250 or submit an online inquiry.